LIAN Trading

is a trading company who exports high quality German wines, expecially Riesling white wines abroad. Lian Trading entertains a broad cooperation with German wineries from officially approved wine regions such as Rheinhessen, Rheingau and Württemberg. It is the exklusive export partner of renowned Rheinhessen wineries for the Chinese market.

As the home of the Riesling Germany owns soil and climate which perfectly fit for the growth of the "King of White Wine". In 2011, 58,9% of the world Riesling grapes had been cultivated in Germany (2011, DWI), which makes the country the biggest Riesling producer worldwide. The growth of Riesling grapes in Germany dates back some 2100 years. Early last century, it was the most expensive wine in the world. The young winemakers of today, once again, are set to produce a series world class wines - thanks to their ambitions and their perfectionism. German white wines nowadays have made their way into top bars and restaurants in many world cities, such as New York and London. German white wines, in particular Riesling, with the uncomparable quality and standard, have once again convinced their international customers.

German white wine pairs perfectly with Asian cuisine. The exciting aromas of rich fruit, the fine hints of minerality and herbs, and the gentle balanced acidity… … all make it the optimal choice for various Asian dishes such as fish, poultry, green asparagus and pork. The acknowledgement of German wines in China has increased rapidly in the last few years. China is on the way of becoming the biggest German wine consuming country in the Asian Pacific region. Lian Trading, with long experience of the Chinese market, broad contact to Chinese customers in the hotel and exclusive catering business as well as in the tourism industry (cruise providers etc.) is the ideal partner for your market penetration in China!